You are the solace to me,
profound relief held into my system
neural and mental.
sheath of mulberry leaves
and the satin sheets
and a bubble of illusion I resided in.

And I, merely a burden to you.


Instagram handle: @sharmashreya020

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. poignant yet beautiful, unrequited love is indeed a burden not just for the one at the receiving end but also for the one giving it, because they are the one who carries without any place to lift it down ❤

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    1. There are infinite philosophy written about unrequited love. Some see it as a blessing, you can embrace it for lifetime without expecting in return, you can love them without being loved, without making any offering or wish for acceptance.
      While other have seen it as a burden, betrayal with oneself, of losing own identity for another person, and also not being able to move on, stuck at on epiny. It’s such a topic.

      For me, I have felt beautiful at times, or occasions, but it’s such a prick in life, feels like a return of one’s own sin done in some lifetime. I can never romanticize unrequited love. I can never romantincize pain.

      Thanks for reading. 🧡❤


      1. I feel you ❤🤗
        Even I can never romanticize it because after a point it becomes a weapon to destruct your own self, it’s better to take all that love back and put it back where it belongs, our very own heart.
        Thanks for writing

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