The Buds will Bloom Again

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The loneliness flickers,
your heart goes numb
like lone branches and fallen nodes.
And your mind crisscross thousand thoughts,
Thoughts of survival and death and loud cries in shades of black and white.

A hope blooms out of sheer void
A void of hope once went delusional.
Look at the mirror,
It knows how to sit still unless intimidated,
just like your heart.
Your heart is a graceful land of peace
your fruit-like heart.
It brings you a little hope and lots of perseverance and strength.

Look at the stars, the sun and the moon,
Observe the ground, adore the fireflies.
Cradle the bugs in your backyard,
and light the candles
across the periphery of your mind and the curvature of your heart.

It may stop raining
and flowers may wither.
It may stop raining
And clouds may go out of sight.
But these buds will bloom again
for the Sun never ceases to shine,
And Moon continues to beam silver forever
And so…
There are sad days indeed but there are happy days too.

-Shreya Sharma

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


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