You and I

I safekeep your effervescent laughs in my heart
the laughs that scatter rain in deserts,
and bring mirth in blank space.
You resemble a dateless blooming flower-
Calla lilies, the petals diffuse in the blood of your heart.
There is a sheet of optimism in your glazing eyes,
and I breathe on these hopes residing in the reflection of your eyes.
I live in it. I dream of it.
You hold my hands,
and I feel a silk touch so gentle and affectionate.
Your touch epitomizes summer lakes,
and winter snowfalls. And I am dwelling on these mellow touches.

It was CafΓ© de Corsica we met for the first time
You were engrossed in reading your classic and swallowing your favorite parts and characters.
Coincidentally we wore the same colored crop tops, the color of peaches.
And we smiled looking at each other,
Serendipity they say.

You were a recurring dream to me then,
turned to be a reality now.
And I am enthralled with the felicity.
You and I,
different shades of same color,
galactic stars of a constellation,
and a couple of clouds floating in togetherness.

-Shreya Sharma

Love πŸ’š

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


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