Sister keeps quietthrough all the hurricanes she passes. Cradling me in her armsHugging me to her bosom. Household chorusRugs. Wraps. Crockery. Her favorite the blue fish painted bone china cup. The swiveling routineHer potato peel hands And the simmering kitchen, her haven. The clouds surprise her The rains petrify her. She loves sunflowers, daisies and… Continue reading Sister

No filter

There is a thing called loss. When you lose something or someone, you lose a part of yourself. It may be close to you or just minutely important but you face a consequence you never wished to happen. The instance muddles up with your heart and the hope you relished. Hard to say but atleast… Continue reading No filter


I had hollow crevices in my organall rustand voidbut these dayssunshine penetrates into my heart gladlyand adorns my existence with sunlight. these daysmy heart is healingI see sunrise absorbing meAnd moonlight consuming me.I see all the silver of moon splatteredin the palm of my handsI run inside in front of the mirrorall to marvel myselfand… Continue reading Healing


I would never want to forget a thingfor the boundless moments,and the memoriesare always etched in my heart forever. It’s always the seconds,days,and months,that makes an absolute differencematter of the time,need of the hour.and we humansthe most eerie of all the creatures,puppets of the circumstance. -Shreya Sharma

You and I

I safekeep your effervescent laughs in my heart the laughs that scatter rain in deserts, and bring mirth in blank space. You resemble a dateless blooming flower- Calla lilies, the petals diffuse in the blood of your heart. There is a sheet of optimism in your glazing eyes, and I breathe on these hopes residing… Continue reading You and I


Nepenthe (n) : Something that makes you forget grief or suffering. A flock of starlings chirped words of sweetness And my heart was astir in seconds The grief and sorrows carved in pieces of my heart dissolved in nothing How congenial are these beautiful winged-creatures That heals my soul as nepenthe And same the stars… Continue reading Nepenthe 

If objects had a voice..

If objects had a voice, they would not stand still. Perhaps they would form groups and chatter and laugh, their voices will pass through the windows, across the walls of next room, and to the backyard in unison. The floral linen fabric in my closet will desire to visit gardens, and accompany flowers;sunflowers and daisies.… Continue reading If objects had a voice..