At the seashore, the luscious waves rise like an increasing heartbeat thus creating a magical symphony. The water moves back and forth, kisses the land, turns back as that of a girl chasing her lover. The cool breeze complements the swaying curls of water and the nature embraces its amaranthine charm. The seashells and pearls… Continue reading Seashore

Lisbeth Salander (Analysis Of Consequences) 

​Recently, I read one of the books of Millennium trilogy, named “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” written by a great Swedish author and journalist, Stieg Larsson. To those who haven’t read the book, I would like to tell it’s a great psychological thriller, basically a crime novel which revolves around a journalist cum detective,… Continue reading Lisbeth Salander (Analysis Of Consequences) 

Do You Like Rains? 

​ Thundering clouds give me a presentiment of something fatal.  This happens when clouds thunder, dazzling strikes the mother earth and suddenly a pleasant drizzle starts. I have seen the downpour lightening people’s moods. People gets happy watching rain, kids splutter out to enjoy. And here I sit it my one corner inside and feel… Continue reading Do You Like Rains? 

Happy New Year-2017

A very good morning and happy new year to all the people. May this year brings us more success and happiness and we reach nearer towards our goal than 2016 and achieve them. May all ours blogs prosper with great ideas and writings we write. May all we become a better version of ourselves and… Continue reading Happy New Year-2017


Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing great. It’s 31 December and the year has finally come to an end. The year had been great to me, offered me a lot. I  joined WordPress this year. And I couldn’t believe I crossed 20k+ views yesterday. It could be more or less for anyone but it… Continue reading Thanksgiving 

Chaos In My Head

​It was 1:46 am. And here, I still got no sign of sleep. The capricious mind was wandering in everday thoughts. I wonder how do mind tackle such plethora of emotions; love, hate, insecurites, fear and worries etc. And it feels the worst when you are struggling for darling sleep due to your ramblings. I… Continue reading Chaos In My Head

What Year 2016 Offered Me

​Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are doing fine. ☺ Finally it’s 16 December and year 2016 is about to end. This year has been challenging to me as it gave me some life-changing experiences, both good and bad. I met some great people who are my best friends today. I lost some… Continue reading What Year 2016 Offered Me