A Letter to Oswold 

Hello friends! Hope you all are fine and doing great. So finally, it’s the last month of the year, December. I see people excited about it and the approaching Christmas. Ain’t it amazing? For me, this year has been quite challenging and I learnt a lot of new things and had many experiences. It is… Continue reading A Letter to Oswold 


There is a word which I came to know from a facebook page, “Abibliophobia” which means, the fear of running out of reading material. Being a bibliophile (a lover of books) and so a literature lover, it gets hard for me to believe on such words if they exist. 😝 Few days ago, I got… Continue reading Abibliophobia

Sunday Thoughts

1. Why does everyone walk away once the time has gone so far and everything becomes so difficult to bear? Things are so beautiful in the start but then all of a sudden, the bed of roses is just left with the thorns. Everything becomes so mournful and things eventually come to a whimsical end. … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts


English is a great language, no doubt. Its vast literature has fascinated me since childhood. Being an avid reader and a writer, I just love learning new words and going through vocabulary. I am a logophile (a lover of words). It was really funny, when I found this word yesterday in my dictionary app, “logophobia”  which… Continue reading Logophobia