Melancholy (Fiction) 

​She kept sobbing, shivering, whimpering hard that night. The night, emotions and her life brought her such melancholy that she couldn’t cease herself shedding those piquant tears filled with ineffable dolor and wretchedness. The darkness witnessed her barefaced pain, the quiet walls of room observed her numb state and the fan hung on ceiling examined […]

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Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’Silva- Book Review

Title: Maya’s New Husband Author: Neil D’Silva Genre: Horror Thriller Publisher: BruteGorilla Publication Date: January 3, 2015 Maya’s New Husband is an Indian horror thriller which hideously revolves around modernized world and hinterland parts of Mumbai, narrating the protagonist Maya Bhargava’s life who is an affable woman in thirties and by profession, a school teacher. […]

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Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 

I sat on the wooden swing chair in my balcony befuddled, discombobulated. Isolated from the world in my own company. Though, in search of my own self rummaging about things and circumstances. The lustrous bliss of sun was about to set hence, giving the way to lose its identity to the diamond shine moon. What […]

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