I wish I were a Mermaid 

This is something which I left half written ages back. And then I finally came across it today and decided to complete this kiddo type of poem. Oh it’s love. Ain’t it? Fantasies! Sometimes it feels nice to come out of the real world and start some daydreaming! 🐟🐋😍

I wish I were a mermaid
I would swim across the depth of the seas
I wish I were a mermaid
I would look for my prince in the eternities of dreams 

I wish I were a mermaid
I would engross myself decorously with the seashell jewels
I wish I were a mermaid 
I would giggle and play with my dolphin friends

I wish I were a mermaid 
I would skylark with the splashy waves
I wish I were a mermaid 
I would wave my golden hair and whirl my sparkling tail

I wish I were a mermaid 
I would whisper my secrets to the marine waters
I wish I were a mermaid
I would woolgather my sweven escaping in the underwater


Happy Holi!

The festival of colors has arrived,
All around kids blooming out of fun.
Everyone is playing with gulal,
Eternal nature with its blithesome expression.

Once again good will overpower evil,
Holika burning amidst hate and fire.
Lively crowd being over joyous,
Due to the assassination of evil power.

Gulal; red, yellow, pink, green,
The rainbow of colors.
People splashing it over each other’s face,
And hugging each other.

The sweetness of the gujiyas,
Making the festival merrier.
Every corner is tinted by the marvel of colors,
People rushing hither and thither.

I can hear the lovely Holi songs,
Playing here and there.
The kids and ladies dancing with the utmost ecstasy and cheer.

Holi celebration is so fun and frolic,
Filling the world with happiness once in a year.
The best part of the occasion is,
No one will be spared.

Holi has come once again,
Let’s play with triumph and elation.
Let’s forget all the differences,
It’s a festival of love and devotion.

You And I


Yesterday night, I had a dream.
You looked into my eyes,
And I looked into your eyes.
The efflulgent stars and the moon kept glaring at us,
Perlustrating the depth of our aenion love.
A tourbillion interrupted my unerring gaze at you,
And my eyes blinked.
The gargantuan clouds thundered in anger,
And admonished the wind.
It started raining heavily,
And the rain drops unearthed our adorable hearts.
A zephyr swayed accompanied by a frond,
I inked “I love you.” on it.
And you whispered it back into my ear.
A perfect rendezvous it seemed,
The whole world summoned to
bind us together.
What a lovely fantasy it was,
You and I, and the eternity around us.

Happy New Year-2017

A very good morning and happy new year to all the people. May this year brings us more success and happiness and we reach nearer towards our goal than 2016 and achieve them. May all ours blogs prosper with great ideas and writings we write. May all we become a better version of ourselves and contribute in maintaining peace and happiness in this beautiful world. 

I started my very first lovely morning, remembering my God, wishing him a happy new year. Then I picked up the book I have recently ordered and have been wanted to read it since long, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. I read the book “The Kite Runner”  by the same author previously and I couldn’t resist myself reading more of his works since then. His books are unputdownable. 

Nothing could been better than reading a book for me at the very start of the year. My way of celebration. Haha! Then I wrote a poetry seeking blessings from Allah. I can feel the positivity  around. 


Most importantly, just want to be a good human. Firing all the inner demons. I know, that’s not as simple as saying. It’ll require a great mental process; it’s not about learning in a big moment,  but thousands of little moments. 

Following are some of the things I have determined myself to do:

  • Read more books
  • Anger control techniques 
  • Better Time Management 
  • More writing
  • Embrace positivity, avoid negativity 

I wish God bless us the indefatigable spirit to fulfil all our resolutions. Wish you all a great new year. God bless us with more and more years on WordPress. Love you all. ❤️😇


Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing great.

It’s 31 December and the year has finally come to an end. The year had been great to me, offered me a lot. I  joined WordPress this year. And I couldn’t believe I crossed 20k+ views yesterday. It could be more or less for anyone but it means a lot to me, all the support and love I got via instagram, WordPress, facebook or any other social media platform and in my real life.

A hearty thanks to all the friends, relatives, my juniors, my seniors, my older colleagues and online friends who appreciated me. It’ll encourage me towards my betterment in writing as well as my inner self.

Thank you everyone who is following me or like me and my work in any form. 😊❤️ And I wish you all have a great new year head. 😊

Here is a little step I would like to take this year for my happiness.

Usually at the end of the year, we scrutinize all the good and bad happenings of the year. And we are more inclined towards the sorrows than happiness. This year, I will note down every little good thing and happiness that life offers me and put it in a jar. So that at the end of the year, I’ll be more content about myself and read out all the felicity. I’ll love if more and more people join into this and spread love and happiness in own lives. 🙂 ❤

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