The Mystic of Twin-Flame Relationship- Book Review

​Title: The Mystic of Twin-Flame Relationship

Author: Manjit Sargam Chawla

Publisher: Educreation Publishing

The book solely talks about the concept of soul mates and twin flames and the ways of their recognition. Author has related the journey of self discovery and love through search of one’s soul mate and twin flame. And narrated the difference between the both terms. The best thing about the book being, it doesn’t follow any particular religion but depends on spirituality and divinity. I love the way author has quoted the quotes from different authors according to the context.

According to the book, twin flames are the mirror souls and refection to other related soul. It has referred there maybe different soul mates of one person and twin flames and soul mates are different things. It gives a deep insight of synchronicity, different frequency  vibrations that helps us in recognizing things, and The explanations are beautiful though except at some topics, I felt some contexts baseless and long descriptions.

The writing style is simple and understandable that makes the book relatable. Emphasizing on the importance of unconditional love, the book helps in being a good human and promotes humanity and trusting almighty, it supports being an active part of this universe through loving and caring. It’s a short read with deep insights.

My ratings: 3/5

Brida by Paulo Coelho – Book Review

brida (1)

Title: Brida

Author: Paulo Coelho

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication date: 1990

The book is named after a twenty one year old, Irish Girl, Brida who is in quest for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. She wants to discover herself, know things more lucidly and wisely for which she learns magic. She is engaged in a normal everyday life; her house and job yet she doesn’t feel complete in herself unlike everyone. She wants to explore natural and spiritual aspects for which she considers going to one who can give her realistic explanations of world and teach her techniques so that she can listen to her inner voices and attain meaning of love, life and other significant things.

She meets Magus, who is worldly renowned for his knowledge of magic and spirits from whom she came to learn about “Tradition of Sun” and “Tradition of Moon”. But he leaves her alone in the forest in night to make her learn about fears and dangers. She doesn’t consider it right and approaches a woman witch/teacher named Wicca who makes her meet and understand many things which comprises of “Tradition of Moon”. Meanwhile she meets Magus twice or thrice to learn about “Tradition of Sun”. Author Paulo Coelho tells us how the girl faces vulnerability and suffers disappointments when she doesn’t get used to the new world of techniques. And at times, thinks to quit.

Coelho has beautifully amalgamated various factors in the book comprising of Sun, Moon, body, sex, nature and everything. And most importantly, things are not described as in physical act but in a spiritual manner. The main theme of the book being searching and recognition of your soul mate.  As Brida continues her learning, she comes to realize Magic is a bridge that allows us to walk from the visible world to invisible world, and to learn the lessons of both these worlds, we need to discover our ways by ourselves. One of the quotes in the book says,

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

The book is engrossed with such many quotes one of them being, “The process of finding ourselves is called love.” to which I completely agree. The writing style is smooth and easily understandable. Being an animist, I loved the plotting of scenes which most of the times, includes wild forest and winds and mountains. The book teaches to have faith in ourselves and connect you to God. ‘Brida’ is a light read and all about self enlightenment. Though, in the last part of the book, theory gets a bit impractical and thus out of interest in some cases. Yet if one wants to enhance his immaterial knowledge, it’s a good pick.

My rating: 3.5/5

Embrace your Dreams

Embrace the sunshine to brighten the right direction and follow your dreams. 

Swallow the moonlight to wrap up the flaws and annihilate your weakness. 

Pick up the green leaf and fly as it forms your enduring wings. 

Be persistent towards your goal as robust and hard as a stone is. 

Don’t let the obstacles hit your way, be like a spine and prick the hindrance. 

Prepare yourself to an extent that you settle with no less than the cloudland as your limit. 

Achieve success that echoes high which can be heard from the apex of a mountain. 

Dream big, work hard, follow your passion and prove yourself, you are the one.