Nothing lasts forever,  And I don’t believe in temporal things.  This world isn’t my place,  Moon is my muse,  Because I believe in eternity.  -SHREYA  Advertisements

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Moon like Shine

And darling,  I can write infinite poetry on you and your moon like shine that penetrates into my eyes as I stare you with those silent eyes yearning for you more. And trust me, that shine makes me look more beautiful and angelic indeed. -SHREYA  Have you ever felt such deep connection with someone when […]

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Sita and the Moon

The following is one of the incidents from Ramayana (Shri Ramcharitmanas) penned by Tulsidas.  I don’t think so wise of myself to even write on it, but due to my fascination, I am inclined to write. How beautiful it is when our creator Lord Rama sees Devi Sita for the first time in her abode […]

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When I Miss You

And when I miss you  I look at the moon  Mesmerizing it gets,  Staring at me with the same ardor  And reminds me of your love  The amorous gaze of your eyes at me  Perlustrating my reminiscence for you  I feel captivated, intoxicated  With its lovesome expression  Enchanting and beloved  -SHREYA 

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Oh! That she is me! ❤️😇 Follow me on Instagram @sharmashreya020  

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Dear Moon

I ask Moon to spill all his silver over me He breaks himself in smithereens And lose all his existence to me. -SHREYA

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