Secret Date

You run through my spine, Driving me on a ride to paradise. I can’t decipher that state of heaven, We could feel each other within. I love your red pomegranate lips, In between us, there is no space. I feel like our souls are meeting, And having a perfect date. -Shreya


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An Unwanted Wish!

She always loved stars and wanted them. Her Dad passed away. And her Mom used to solace her by telling, “Dad has gone to bring stars in the sky for you, baby.” Years has passed, and Daddy’s little girl still looks at the sky, cursing herself, if she had not wished for the stars.

The Broken Star

In the haste of caliginosity, I cursed the infelicities that accompanied my life. A glimpse of sparkle glistened, And a white streak of light in the sky set free my broken heart. I admire the affinity between a meteorite and my heart.

Dark Night And The Love

In the blackness of night, Myriad of colors of love unfurl between the two. One demands, While the other conceives. In the quietness of night, There is a love burning. The souls meet, And two beautiful hearts creating harmony. In the serenity of night, The moon shines amidst the glistening asterism. One quietly watches, While… Continue reading Dark Night And The Love

We Met Like!

We met like the stars communicate Forming the galaxies  Shining bright and twinkling high In the space. We met like the rosy flowers Creating a pink aura Like a rose, you cast your fragrance over me. We met like the rainy clouds Thundering and floating Like the gushing rain, you canoodle with me. We met… Continue reading We Met Like!