You Rejuvenated Me

​ For decades, I was inert. You entered in my life And ignited that sensual spark in me and my soul That now my inner soul is ready to catenate with you everlastingly In most lustful ways Stimulating the carnal desires for each other Desperately and passionately On each and every part of your seductive… Continue reading You Rejuvenated Me


They say I’m just obsessed with you. Little do they know, I’m obsessed with the nectar of your bare skin, the ethralling charm of your heart and the infallible verity of your mind. Oh baby, I’m obsessed with each and every part of you. ❤ -Shreya

Lovers’ Whispers!

She Uncover all the marks and scars of my skin, And give them a name. Name of your presence, Symbol of your love. He Your soul and your heart, That’s what my love crave for. I’ll sink into the bubbles of your salacious imaginations, And take you into the eternity of my love. -Shreya

Your Magnetic Charm

Your magnetic charm allures me. Your words enchant me. Your hypnotizing eyes put me on a bewitching spell. Now I feel like an enamored candle Burning in your love incessantly, Melting and melting. Give me your eternal embrace before I melt wholly. And rescue me, As I plead for your prime earnestness unequivocally. -Shreya

Secret Date

You run through my spine, Driving me on a ride to paradise. I can’t decipher that state of heaven, We could feel each other within. I love your red pomegranate lips, In between us, there is no space. I feel like our souls are meeting, And having a perfect date. -Shreya