The Best of Me by Nicholas sparks- Book Review 

Love is not about spending lives together but to share immense love between two hearts unrestricted of any circumstances. If you want to understand the depth of love, this book is a must read.

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The Best of Me by Nicholas sparks- Book Review –

La douleur exquise (The exquisite pain) 

La douleur exquise (n): The heart wrenching pain of wanting affection of someone unattainable 

Your memories still linger here and there, 

In the characters of my books I found you 

In the lyrics of songs I loved 

And your honey essence on my skin 

And suddenly you disappeared from the sight 

And left me yearning for everything to get back 

This addiction and exquisite pain make me bleed for you 

La douleur exquise! 


She thought within herself 

She stood in her balcony with a coffee mug in one hand sipping it and other one on railing. Her thoughts turbid and heart devoid of any feeling. Despite the chattering of a flock of starlings, she didn’t have any senses to any kind of sound or vision around her. Except her memories with him. Blurred. Disturbed. She was thinking within herself and reassuring herself whatever happened was true. It was real. She told herself, this is how it happens. Within moments. The things which happened or appeared to be as miracles, all went vain and empty, and nugatory. She was dumbfounded by the fact that no one can predict how life can take unexpected turns in a second. The exchange of roses turned into altercations and battles. Nothing less, nothing more. The only thing that came in her mind was, “Will  he ever approach me? Will he talk to me”. And she feared if he won’t. Ever.