Once Again! ❤

Once again, it rained And the broken lovers danced To its symphony. Once again, the hearts melted And the two souls met In the moonlight. Once again, the smiles exulted And the love fondled around In the stars twinkle. One again, the clouds thundered And the soul mates hugged In the downpour. Once again, the… Continue reading Once Again! ❤

A Walk In Space 

Set on the layer of cotton clouds, We kiss. Levitating above, Stepping into the cosmos.   Up above there, Mirabilia occurs. Heaven exist, angelic smiles Showering us their blessings.   Skylarking with the tinsel stars, In the constellations. Reaching higher and higher, Tattling with the moon.   Wrapped in the flocculent clouds, We cosset amorously.… Continue reading A Walk In Space 

Along The Seashore!

​ Along the seashore With luscious tides waving high, My heart lurched into your throbbing heartbeats. As our heartbeats matched the frequency, I thanked the sempiternal nature to offer us its polyphonic melody. That intoxicating magic you spell over me, Such beguiling; I run short of words to express my everlasting love for you. My… Continue reading Along The Seashore!

You Rejuvenated Me

​ For decades, I was inert. You entered in my life And ignited that sensual spark in me and my soul That now my inner soul is ready to catenate with you everlastingly In most lustful ways Stimulating the carnal desires for each other Desperately and passionately On each and every part of your seductive… Continue reading You Rejuvenated Me