I don’t Fear Anymore

Sitting on bed my back against the bed frame, I feel something loathsome. I know there it is; the brownish creeping creature that usually scares me like anything, giving tremors in my heart. This time, I sit with more comfort and ease. Not anymore. Now, I can feel it crawling on the wall behind me, maybe an inch close to my hair falling on my back. But, I don’t fear anymore. The lizard.

Excuse Me, Demon! 

I was horrified. Someone behind me lied. It touched my shoulder. I couldn’t see. My eyes curiously searched for the demon throughout the night. I could neither sleep nor breathe. The satan was invisible. All I could feel was the deadly presence of nefarious souls surrounding me. The illusion of the dreadful personna shadowed me and quavered my heartbeats. Each and every moment following that night seemed to be a burden enveloping my life. My soul demanded the Almighty either to narcotize me or to end my existence. But it had to be continued. The night seemed to be a millenium. The darkness exacerbated my pain. As the moments passed, I found my heart trapped between chimerical fantasy and reality. Somehow, I foregathered my courage and shouted, “Excuse Me, Demon”. I was left aghast and completely bewildered when I found my alter egos in such a villainous demeanour.