I see myself withering  by time like wilted petals  collapsing to despair  concealing loud screams the tint fading Indeed, I am a flower,  disheveled  -SHREYA  Advertisements

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Cry but Accept the Pain

To all the broken hearts out there, don’t let your tears weaken you. Crying is a healing process, it isn’t the sign of cowardice. Feel the pain and let it out in the form of tears. You may cry for hours or days, but then a day will come, you will finally wake up and […]

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Eccedentesiast (n) : Someone who hides pain behind a smile.  Her smile  Like morning sunshine  And blush rose  Showers rain of happiness  And hope of revival  Yet her eyes speak  The pain and suffering  That she has been  Wordlessly engraving in it  Since ages.  -SHREYA 

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The pain is real And severe Making me feel I am alive In this desolation Eyes are sleepless Struggling for sleep Tears shedding Venting sadness Underneath Thoughts infinite The bitterness Circumscribes Mind And heart -SHREYA

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I’ll move on

It’s a tough phase and I know I’ll move on.  Sometimes, life presents you such situation it becomes difficult to tackle. Nowadays, I am in such phase. I am broken. I’m hurt. I can’t smile on days. I can’t sleep in nights. I can’t narrate my emotions to someone and thus, writing is the only […]

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Have you ever got Panic Attack?

Hello people! How are you? Hope you all are doing well. Well, my title must have acquainted you with my post something related to Panic attacks! Weird? No? Well, I also wrote about nightmares once, in case you haven’t read, following is the link. Why do Nightmares Annoy Me? God knows, why do these things […]

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And there are times  Eyes see what it wants to happen  Heart succeeds in tricking mind  We become the enemy to ourselves  And end up in setting artifice for  Our own destruction  -SHREYA

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In Love with Myself

Sometimes, I am good. Other times, bad. Understanding, Other times, cantankerous. Ready to help others, But a bit selfish. Determined in loving people, Possessive in nature. Satiated soul, But I want what I need. Happy and loner, And mood swings on top. Zero or infinity, That’s what I follow. Reserved for a few, Mad for […]

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