Short Story 6

His words out of exasperation struck her like an arrow.  Her tears in dolor flooded his heart like gushing rain  He made her smile within seconds effortlessly.  And again they were together,  Desperately. Passionately.  To read the story posted previously, you can find the links below: Short Story Short Story 2 Short Story 3 Short […]

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Short Story #5

And again, he came back Touched the quiscent bruises of her heart Cosseted her with his ocean of love Quenched her desires And succeeded to make her fall in his trap of treacherous love. Again!    Short Story Short Story #2 Short Story #3 Short Story #4

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Corporeal Pleasure

After the exchange of number of desperate kisses, The cacophony inside her heart screamed, And she again asked herself, “Is it heartily driven or just corporeal pleasure?” -Shreya  

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She Looks For Her Moon!❤

In the dazzling night While she stands in the balcony The dripping drops of rain adding exuberance to the moments Her favorite song tranquilizing her soul. And suddenly She looks up in the sky cravingly, searching for the stars in the rain As worthless as She looks for her moon in the vacuum of her […]

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An Unwanted Wish!

She always loved stars and wanted them. Her Dad passed away. And her Mom used to solace her by telling, “Dad has gone to bring stars in the sky for you, baby.” Years has passed, and Daddy’s little girl still looks at the sky, cursing herself, if she had not wished for the stars.

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An Angel Entered My Life..

An angel entered my life, Vanished all my worries, Helped me conquer all the hurdles in my life, Took over the debacle. An angel entered my life, Renascent my innocence, The craziness dug inside me, And the candied smile. An angel entered my life, Set everything normal, Made me insouciant, It changed the abaddon to […]

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