Layers of Longing

My beating heart is a druma thunderous rhythmreciting an epistle of my grief.A concoction of     togetherness & separation. There are layers of longing;   of being seen   and seeing   of a single touch   and being touched   of love   and being loved. I swallow nights in counting kisses-and envelope the remnants,sitting as wildflowers on my waist. A site… Continue reading Layers of Longing


Originally published in Visual Verse A heartbeat survives on country side.Blue, white, yellow,remnants of coruscant horizon.This body is a cascade,a disseminating pool of drenching sweat and madnessof farmers, of countrymen.Sunlight glows in abundanceForms a sheath of radiance over the vast fields.It takes a thought to dream,a single touch to subdue,and to fall in lover’s arms.I… Continue reading Repetition


This world is nothing but a short lived memory. We work, we eat, we sleep, we try, we lose and we fight. Despite of all the hassle and striving to be the best in our own lives, the only thing matters is what impact do we make in other people lives, and what impression do… Continue reading Tribute

A living ache

My sister leaves my placewith a whiff of subtle memories.Her spatial countenance, like face of a new bud,blooming petals and uncut diamonds.My savior in dark alleys and haunted houses,Lone deserts and amazon forests.Sister, save me todayfor you share my blood.I can’t move. My heart denies to beat. My limbs refuse to shift.This body is now… Continue reading A living ache

Poetry folds me in her arms

Poetry folds me in her arms. I diffuse in the lap of her wordsand wake from slumber with lavender smile cheekbones, and embellished fingertips, cottage skies of infinite letters and blank spaces. Some parts of me are alphabets, and some vowels. I wear letters like expensive jewelsand spill milk white secrets, With few colons dispersed… Continue reading Poetry folds me in her arms

Love for words

If I could make love with words, I would perhaps blush all night and count the moments on my fingertips, letter by letter and word by word fading myself as a wax of a lit candle in a blue night,Befounded, consumed, at peace… -Shreya Sharma

I Wish It Rains On My Funeral- Published in Spillwords Press

Thanks to Ms. Dagmara K., EIC of Spillwords Press to accept my poetry and publish in the same. With my frail limbs clipped with the remnants of my rugged skinthe ashes rising from my chestmy heart, a globe of fire.My toes untouched, bare, and lily-likeembellished with dew. With the oceanic hopes wintering on my frigid,… Continue reading I Wish It Rains On My Funeral- Published in Spillwords Press


Just above the skylineand beyond the horizon,there rests a wish I make during the twilight hours. Mosaic wish with feathers and moonstone and phantom pain,I blow regularly with my fuchsia lips.Tiny sparkles in airpraying hymns of Godand singing elusive wishes. I carry the weight of my countable desireslike the luminous colors of rainbow.Sprinkling in the… Continue reading Wishes

A Classic Sad Song

My heart is cut in pieces;myriad shreds of leaves scattered in my wilted garden,a thousand shades of my love flow like a frigid waterfall, my lover being a serrated edge of knife. My bones are cracked now,the curve of my lips frozen.Of love, of lustthey must speak.My past lovers resemble my doleful shadows-they do not… Continue reading A Classic Sad Song