In Love with Myself

Sometimes, I am good. Other times, bad. Understanding, Other times, cantankerous. Ready to help others, But a bit selfish. Determined in loving people, Possessive in nature. Satiated soul, But I want what I need. Happy and loner, And mood swings on top. Zero or infinity, That’s what I follow. Reserved for a few, Mad for… Continue reading In Love with Myself

Beware Of Monsters

Reading the title of my blog, you must be assuming this article to be something related to monsters or demons; those who scare us in nightmares. But here I’m talking about real monsters of our lives not those abstract ones. Those who enter our lives to create problems for us. Those people who can reach… Continue reading Beware Of Monsters

Am I too Bad?

Am I too bad? That it’s only the hatred I get As if I am the destroyer Of everything. Am I so malevolent That I have fallen From grace And respect In everyone’s mind And heart. Am I too evil That I can’t accept The person truly I am. Am I too bad That there… Continue reading Am I too Bad?