Cry but Accept the Pain

This post is a repost. I would like my words to reach anyone and help who has lost hopes and is in despair. // To all the broken hearts out there, don’t let your tears weaken you. Crying is a healing process, it isn’t the sign of cowardice. Feel the pain and let it out… Continue reading Cry but Accept the Pain

The Last Poetry I ever Write for You

The very last poetry I ever write For you. Would speak of the rainbows we chased together And the rains we washed our sorrows The nights We shed tears together And the morning We lay awake sun gazing And the nights moon gazing And again the mornings Efflorescing love Would speak of the evenings We… Continue reading The Last Poetry I ever Write for You


I don’t cry for any lost love  I don’t cry for failure  I don’t cry for any tormented loss  I don’t cry for luxury  I cry for myself  I cry for my own being  I cry for my presence, my existence