Galaxies – Shreya Sharma

Published on Free Verse Revolution Blog for their July theme “Galaxies” You can read more by clicking below. They dwell amidst myriad of celestial bodies; the stars and the planets, undeniable parts of this endless universe. The stars reunite and form coruscant galaxies, galaxies that constantly invigorate bundles of hopes on earth. one fall of… Continue reading Galaxies – Shreya Sharma


You crawled beneath my skin  That night we got high Efflorescing stardust and throbbing heartbeats  My subconscious mind hesitated  Unluckily little did I know  When the morning came  It was just an illusion  I had a sugar sweet sweven  And how voraciously  My soul is still believing  In these dreams  And I can’t help it … Continue reading Sweven

His Absence 

I confabulate with you in my thoughts  I hug you and kiss you in my dreams  I canoodle with your rosy essence on my bare bed  And suddenly, the agony of my heart evaporates  Oh darling! You are incredibly beautiful  Such that even your absence feels heaven  -SHREYA 

Embrace your Dreams

Embrace the sunshine to brighten the right direction and follow your dreams.  Swallow the moonlight to wrap up the flaws and annihilate your weakness.  Pick up the green leaf and fly as it forms your enduring wings.  Be persistent towards your goal as robust and hard as a stone is.  Don’t let the obstacles hit… Continue reading Embrace your Dreams