Just above the skylineand beyond the horizon,there rests a wish I make during the twilight hours. Mosaic wish with feathers and moonstone and phantom pain,I blow regularly with my fuchsia lips.Tiny sparkles in airpraying hymns of Godand singing elusive wishes. I carry the weight of my countable desireslike the luminous colors of rainbow.Sprinkling in the… Continue reading Wishes

The Mystic of Twin-Flame Relationship- Book Review

​Title: The Mystic of Twin-Flame Relationship Author: Manjit Sargam Chawla Publisher: Educreation Publishing The book solely talks about the concept of soul mates and twin flames and the ways of their recognition. Author has related the journey of self discovery and love through search of one’s soul mate and twin flame. And narrated the difference… Continue reading The Mystic of Twin-Flame Relationship- Book Review


Irony is We all know eventually the death will come, Yet we are so excited to live. We can neither deny it, Nor stop it. Death follows us, Throughout the life. And one day, Ends up everything. Irony is We go ballistic for every single thing. Though we know, These birds, sun, plants, lands mountains,… Continue reading Irony!

Happy Krishna Janmashthami! ☺

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to everyone! 😍☺ Janmashtami is one of the auspicious occasions in Hinduism. It is the birthday of Lord Krishna. It falls generally in the month of August every year. And precisely, according to Hindu calender, the birthday is celebrated on Ashtami of the Krishna Paksh.The sacred festival is celebrated with imcomparable devotion and… Continue reading Happy Krishna Janmashthami! ☺

God Is Love

God!! Who is God? Or I should ask, What is God? These questions always fumbled in my mind in my childhood days. It wasn’t like I didn’t have faith in God. But as a kid, I had curiosities in my mind related to God. With the passing days, I came to learn he is the… Continue reading God Is Love

Thank God!

What I have lost is nothing to matter. What I have achieved is the key element. What I am deprived of is not any point to get disappointed. What I have got from the almighty are the factors to be content. In this world, there are the people homeless, needy; deficient of everything. And here… Continue reading Thank God!