Layers of Longing

My beating heart is a druma thunderous rhythmreciting an epistle of my grief.A concoction of     togetherness & separation. There are layers of longing;   of being seen   and seeing   of a single touch   and being touched   of love   and being loved. I swallow nights in counting kisses-and envelope the remnants,sitting as wildflowers on my waist. A site… Continue reading Layers of Longing

An epiphany

The loneliness eats me in turns during the vividness of dawn, And the midnight blackness comforts me in its warm blanket of soft bruises. You my heart- I tell you is a  wild wild thing, of blue rains and tornadoes, butterflies and hurricanes, & I am a sweet, soft caterpillar growing her wings. Beneath the… Continue reading An epiphany


Let these tears flow today, My lady As these aren’t the signs of frailty Tears, these salts determine You have to let it go.. Let go.. Completely and thoroughly Those who tortured your soul Let the liquid fall out of your eyes And the memories from your heart Have enough faith in the universe These… Continue reading Tears