No filter

There is a thing called loss. When you lose something or someone, you lose a part of yourself. It may be close to you or just minutely important but you face a consequence you never wished to happen. The instance muddles up with your heart and the hope you relished. Hard to say but atleast… Continue reading No filter

The Buds will Bloom Again

The loneliness flickers,your heart goes numblike lone branches and fallen nodes.And your mind crisscross thousand thoughts,Thoughts of survival and death and loud cries in shades of black and white. A hope blooms out of sheer voidA void of hope once went delusional.Look at the mirror,It knows how to sit still unless intimidated,just like your heart.Your… Continue reading The Buds will Bloom Again

Galaxies – Shreya Sharma

Published on Free Verse Revolution Blog for their July theme “Galaxies” You can read more by clicking below. They dwell amidst myriad of celestial bodies; the stars and the planets, undeniable parts of this endless universe. The stars reunite and form coruscant galaxies, galaxies that constantly invigorate bundles of hopes on earth. one fall of… Continue reading Galaxies – Shreya Sharma

A Cry For Hope.

Half asleep millions of thoughts scatter in the mind hallucinations annoy dreams seem to diminish eyes shut heart dreams for the way to an endless journey searching for a ray of hope in alfresco below which zillions of trees as that of Savannah and the pleasing woodnote pretend to be a light in the dark… Continue reading A Cry For Hope.