Crimson Flowers

yesterday morningas I strolled through the wayI came across the crimson flowersthat turned my heart joyous and gaythe sparkling lush green meadowsand the efflorescence of mother natureglazing as jewel in the crownmy heart delightful like the shining sunand my soul gladdenedas flocculating white clouds a butterfly sits on a flowersipping its honey nectarlocked up in… Continue reading Crimson Flowers

The Stupid Somebody by Rohit Dawesar (Book Review) 

Title: The Stupid Somebody Author: Rohit Dawesar Publisher: Rohit Dawesar Publication date: December 3, 2017 The Stupid Somebody is a heart touching and thought provoking novel written by author, Rohit Dawesar who did justice with the debut. The book gives a deep and practical insights to love life and career and the hardships that comes… Continue reading The Stupid Somebody by Rohit Dawesar (Book Review) 

Brida by Paulo Coelho – Book Review

Title: Brida Author: Paulo Coelho Publisher: HarperCollins Publication date: 1990 The book is named after a twenty one year old, Irish Girl, Brida who is in quest for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. She wants to discover herself, know things more lucidly and wisely for which she learns magic. She is engaged in a normal everyday… Continue reading Brida by Paulo Coelho – Book Review

Embrace your Dreams

Embrace the sunshine to brighten the right direction and follow your dreams.  Swallow the moonlight to wrap up the flaws and annihilate your weakness.  Pick up the green leaf and fly as it forms your enduring wings.  Be persistent towards your goal as robust and hard as a stone is.  Don’t let the obstacles hit… Continue reading Embrace your Dreams