Your kiss was so real in my dream it felt raw and nicotine a bit of honey and a bit of smoke altogether as a perfect blend of milk and caffeine yet it remained unfinished you know like half sunset view half-moon night undone. and maybe uneaten pizza slices or refused macaroons. -SHREYA

Don’t you know my love? 

I still dig my face in your chest at nights, And lay warm in your embrace the same way I used to. My hands around you, Your breaths touching my hair and neck, Your hands around my waist. Yes, I cosset with you, In my reverie. At times, I feel to touch you, Other times… Continue reading Don’t you know my love? 

His Absence 

I confabulate with you in my thoughts  I hug you and kiss you in my dreams  I canoodle with your rosy essence on my bare bed  And suddenly, the agony of my heart evaporates  Oh darling! You are incredibly beautiful  Such that even your absence feels heaven  -SHREYA