He discovered such “good” sides in her, it gets difficult for her to bear her own “badness”. Love heals it all.

Chaos In My Head

​It was 1:46 am. And here, I still got no sign of sleep. The capricious mind was wandering in everday thoughts. I wonder how do mind tackle such plethora of emotions; love, hate, insecurites, fear and worries etc. And it feels the worst when you are struggling for darling sleep due to your ramblings. I… Continue reading Chaos In My Head

What Year 2016 Offered Me

​Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are doing fine. ☺ Finally it’s 16 December and year 2016 is about to end. This year has been challenging to me as it gave me some life-changing experiences, both good and bad. I met some great people who are my best friends today. I lost some… Continue reading What Year 2016 Offered Me


Jealousy, It’s not just a vulnerable insecurity. It’s a sword that bleeds the heart outside and kills it inside. It’s a rage that enters the deepest corners of heart and unveil the furtive demons. It’s a negative emotion that annuls all the positivism and generosity and conquer it. It’s a battle between mind and heart… Continue reading Jealousy

Time and Life! 

Time changes. People change. That’s what I have seen and read everywhere. But is it really so? Do people change? Or the alacrity of time enforces both parties to behave according to the circumstances. Situation keeps on changing. I wonder what should I conclude, whether it’s the beauty or  harshness of flowing TIME.  We never… Continue reading Time and Life!