Short Story #3

She was absorbed in his love. He was engulfed in his dreams. She fantasized a happy life with him. He prioritized his dreams only. All she dreamt of was their togetherness. All he dreamt of was success. He had to make use of the opportunity followed by his dreams. She was so reluctant to let him… Continue reading Short Story #3

A B Cs of Love!

Love Is.. Attraction Beautiful Care Desire Enthusiasm Fancy Genuine Hallucination Infatuation Jealousy Kind Lust Magic Naughty Overjoyed Passion Quintessential Rose Sensation Trust Unforgettable Voracious Worship Xceptional Yearning Zeal ❤ Image Source: Google

Dead Soul

And he never looked back… She kept waiting the days and nights. Her wait for him was inevitable. The pictures, texts and all the sweetness of the relationship vanished. All left were only the memories deep inside her heart, putting scars and carving it in pieces. All left was her dead soul broken into smithereens.… Continue reading Dead Soul

Short Story #2

She was engrossed in a myriad of hardships. All letting her suffer and wail through a catastrophe. He suddenly came and fixed up her life bearing all the miseries. Her unpleasant life eventually became a beautiful one as she fancied. He cured her like An oasis in a Desert. ❤

Short Story.

She kept making fun repeatedly  thus humiliating him. He kept laughing though it hurt him deep inside. She convinced, she was just kidding. He held her hand, kissed her forehead telling, he won’t ever feel bad about any word spoken by her. She smiled like a shining star with tears in her eyes rejoiced by… Continue reading Short Story.

I wish.

Eternal water all around, Love flowing through the luscious waves. I wish I could get this moment, No one to interrupt the amarous feel. The beams of sun pouring over the head, Making the scenario lovelier. I wish I could get this moment, We and love blooming between us. The alluring waves seem to sing,… Continue reading I wish.

Little Happiness

Hello friends! My blog mates 🙂 I started this blog on 22 Feb. It has been just 17 days since I have started this blog. And I am totally in love with this platform “WordPress”. 🙂 To be honest, I never knew I could write. No, am not perfect in it. But I like it… Continue reading Little Happiness

When bae talks.

When bae talks to me, My lips can’t cease to smile. The silly jokes he crack, His idiosyncrasies upon which I rely. When bae talks to me, I find everything perfect. The weird gestures he make, Lets me enjoy the night. The kisses bae showers, chasing me to go high. When bae talks to me,… Continue reading When bae talks.