You see my vintage phone sitting on the desk, dust settling it doesn’t ring anymore, still as 12 am. clock strikes silence over head. And the curtains on the walls immovable, the threads are lifeless now yet reflects the shadows of bygones. The quietude takes me to an abandoned land of dead flowers, rotten. You… Continue reading Quietness

The Texture of Remorse- Published in Indian Periodical

Originally published in Indian Periodical The Texture of Remorse by Shreya Sharma The texture of remorse isn’t a broken rock or a wrathful cloudburst. It resembles chapped cherry lips, which reflect a series of blatant kisses from an abandoned lover. And the guilt of sin, that still hangs on your cherished silky skin, morning and… Continue reading The Texture of Remorse- Published in Indian Periodical

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin (Book Review) 

Title: Chasing Red Author: Isabelle Ronin Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Source Books Publication date: September 18, 2017 Chasing Red is a heart winning romance genre novel written by a Canadian author, Isabelle Ronin who has undoubtedly and wonderfully done justice with her debut. The story has already been phenomenal on Wattpad and it was then… Continue reading Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin (Book Review) 

Wandering Cloud

The endless classics she read,  The amaranthine love she felt in between the lines of her books, The love she always searched for in her life,  Never to be seen anywhere.  And then he appeared to her like a wandering cloud,  Illecebrous and magnetic,  Offered her the downpour of love,  Guiding her to the light… Continue reading Wandering Cloud

The Beach House by Jane Green (Book Review) 

Title: The Beach House Author: Jane Green Genre: Domestic Fiction Book Length: 432 Publisher: Penguin UK Publication date: June 11, 2009 I would like to initiate by the fact that the review is going to be utterly informal as I am so lovingly overwhelmed and enchanted and thrilled by the book I can’t help being… Continue reading The Beach House by Jane Green (Book Review)