Don’t you know my love? 

​ I still dig my face in your chest at nights,  And lay warm in your embrace the same way I used to.  My hands around you,  Your breaths touching my hair and neck,  Your hands around my waist.  Yes, I cosset with you,  In my reverie.  At times, I feel to touch you,  Other […]

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Cravings and Desires

I want his delicacy and warmth yearning for mine  Tasting my cravings and desires  His hands enfolded in mine  The butterflies fluttering in my stomach  Healing my curves and scars entwined within  -SHREYA 

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When Our Lips Met

Darling When our lips met and we kissed I lost myself to you whole at once And this world reduced to nothing In a moment Those throbbing instants took me Into a beautiful oblivion And since then, I am incapable to Think of anyone else except you. -SHREYA

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Crumpled sheets,  Astir starlight.  Lusty eyes,  Expected lies.  That made the night,  Potpourri of greed and desire.  -SHREYA 

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Let Me Kiss Your Lips! 

Let me have a hold on you  And I’ll kiss your lips  Sharing my heartbeats with you  And relishing those sultry slips  Let me kiss your lips  And let ourselves be the addicts  I’ll roam my lips on your lips  Your face, your cheeks  Stargazing in your eyes. Oh, let me kiss your lips!  -SHREYA 

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