the stars have fallen tonightand resting on my fingertipsswaying in the palm of my handsslipping towardsmy wristand stuck to my sharp heart is mesmerizedcounting the starsforming a canopy over my armevenly spread like water bubbles.I am effusive seeking happinessin stars and whole constellationpenetrating the holes of my skinemanating radiance and lightening my mind, mind… Continue reading Sanity

The Stupid Somebody by Rohit Dawesar (Book Review) 

Title: The Stupid Somebody Author: Rohit Dawesar Publisher: Rohit Dawesar Publication date: December 3, 2017 The Stupid Somebody is a heart touching and thought provoking novel written by author, Rohit Dawesar who did justice with the debut. The book gives a deep and practical insights to love life and career and the hardships that comes… Continue reading The Stupid Somebody by Rohit Dawesar (Book Review)