Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue by Deepika Kumaaraguru- Book Review

Title: Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue Author: Deepika Kumaaraguru  Genre: Fantasy fiction Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd Publication Date: 4 Oct, 2016 Book length: 448 Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue is an enthralling fantasy genre novel that revolves around the story of a girl Nashira Jaynes who undergoes a painful transformation from a […]

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Petals  Silky and velvet  I feel to touch it  Yet stop myself  Not to play with its pure essence  -SHREYA  Featured image source: Pixabay

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Nothing lasts forever,  And I don’t believe in temporal things.  This world isn’t my place,  Moon is my muse,  Because I believe in eternity.  -SHREYA 

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Rain and me

I like this compatibility,  This resonance  Between me and rain.  My heart wept,  And the clouds thundered  Accompanied by downpour.  -SHREYA 

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Nepenthe (n) : Something that makes you forget grief or suffering.  A flock of starlings  chirped words of sweetness  And my heart was astir in seconds  The griefs and sorrows carved in  pieces of my heart dissolved in nothing  How congenial are these beautiful winged-creatures  That heals my soul as nepenthe  And same the stars […]

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Dear Moon

I ask Moon to spill all his silver over me He breaks himself in smithereens And lose all his existence to me. -SHREYA

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