Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 

I sat on the wooden swing chair in my balcony befuddled, discombobulated. Isolated from the world in my own company. Though, in search of my own self rummaging about things and circumstances. The lustrous bliss of sun was about to set hence, giving the way to lose its identity to the diamond shine moon. What… Continue reading Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 


At the seashore, the luscious waves rise like an increasing heartbeat thus creating a magical symphony. The water moves back and forth, kisses the land, turns back as that of a girl chasing her lover. The cool breeze complements the swaying curls of water and the nature embraces its amaranthine charm. The seashells and pearls… Continue reading Seashore

Along The Seashore!

​ Along the seashore With luscious tides waving high, My heart lurched into your throbbing heartbeats. As our heartbeats matched the frequency, I thanked the sempiternal nature to offer us its polyphonic melody. That intoxicating magic you spell over me, Such beguiling; I run short of words to express my everlasting love for you. My… Continue reading Along The Seashore!

NATURE: The Divine Beauty

Have you ever wondered what this world would look like if there were only modernization, shopping malls and complexes, huge buildings, digital towers all around?? No glimpse of Nature in any direction. I know, that’s practically impossible. Even no living being can survive without it, and eventually life would be nonexistent from this earth. Or… Continue reading NATURE: The Divine Beauty