Splendid Night

In the darkness of night, the asterism of the glittering sky shine like a new ray of hope embedded in a distressed mind, thus unveiling the hidden mysteries. The  miraculous galaxies spell magic over the land and add a magnificent touch to the whole world. In the serenity of night, the zillions of stars dominate the earth, shower its love to it like a zealous admirer.


You crawled beneath my skin 
That night we got high
Efflorescing stardust and throbbing heartbeats 
My subconscious mind hesitated 
Unluckily little did I know 
When the morning came 
It was just an illusion 
I had a sugar sweet sweven 
And how voraciously 
My soul is still believing 
In these dreams 
And I can’t help it 


50 Word Story: Astral Intimacy

The night was bitter cold. The opacus clouds hid the Moon in its elusive shadow. The silver light orb of love brimming to its top; called up the stars to uncover it. The stars aligned themselves to form a string of starlight outlining the moon. How mesmeric their intimacy was.