Dwelling in the dead silence of night, my mind hovered to the endless vastness of sky; calm and still. Stars- white and milky bright, twinkling with the ardor seem to be whispering secrets with each other. Right above there, I see a coruscant galaxy forming different shapes, conical and elliptical. Fragile petals, flowers blossoming all day flaunting their pulchritude, now sleeping tired at the end of the day, as if moon sang them a sweet lullaby. And the moonlight kissing the fronds, small and lively. Slow and steady quirks made by sharp and mucky creatures, voiced in ears. Their conversations are audible yet unsettled. Good and bad memories, winning success and hurtful failures, love and life, occurring holus-bolus in the waves of mind; how complicated. Yet how serene the night is. Despite its inertness, I admire its liveliness.