A love in eternity

The love bloomed between us. Two stars colliding with each other,The mad souls andone pear-shaped heart,A couple of swans making love andexhilarated leaves on single node. A couple of snowflake in frigid winters,Lavender perfume in thin air,A beginning of nascent love,A flicker of candlelight ablaze in starry night.                   The love bloomed between us. -Shreya Sharma Featured… Continue reading A love in eternity

The Relationship Between A Writer And A Reader

Imaginations brought into paper Thoughts woven into words Ink turned into life A writer’s story. What does a writer need more than a pen and a paper and deep feelings to pour in? Moreover, his high level of observation of the things happening around him and in his life, create all the stories he write.… Continue reading The Relationship Between A Writer And A Reader

Soulmates or What?

And those are the moments when you miss someone in their absence, yet feel their beautiful existence around you in the millieu. Despite dwelling in different set of frames, it feels the other person is missing you too. Is that how the talking of two hearts who are unconditionally in love takes place? Well that’s… Continue reading Soulmates or What?

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

TITLE: The Best of Me AUTHOR: Nicholas Sparks GENRE: Romance PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing PUBLICATION DATE: October 11, 2011 The Best of Me is a romance genre novel based upon heart breaking yet touching tale of two lovers, Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier who fall in love with each other during their school days and somehow… Continue reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks (Book Review)

Hurricane Frisson in my Heart

I submitted my madness and my wild  The bad inside me and the angel  To him  Because I could see,  I could see the unspoken beautiful disaster in his eyes  That love, care, utmost ecstasy of being in front of me  Completely Embracing our togetherness  And I felt a hurricane frisson in my heart -SHREYA… Continue reading Hurricane Frisson in my Heart

What do you prefer? 

Some times, it’s better to be silent in some situations where opening up may be eventually harmful if we consider consequences in mind. But is it so easy? While  you are an opinionated person and you can’t just see things and sit. When you are a great observer and you like to express opinions. But… Continue reading What do you prefer?