Let Me Kiss Your Lips! 

Let me have a hold on you 
And I’ll kiss your lips 
Sharing my heartbeats with you 
And relishing those sultry slips 
Let me kiss your lips 
And let ourselves be the addicts 
I’ll roam my lips on your lips 
Your face, your cheeks 
Stargazing in your eyes.
Oh, let me kiss your lips! 



You crawled beneath my skin 
That night we got high
Efflorescing stardust and throbbing heartbeats 
My subconscious mind hesitated 
Unluckily little did I know 
When the morning came 
It was just an illusion 
I had a sugar sweet sweven 
And how voraciously 
My soul is still believing 
In these dreams 
And I can’t help it 


You Rejuvenated Me

For decades, I was inert.

You entered in my life

And ignited that sensual spark in me and my soul

That now my inner soul is ready to catenate with you everlastingly

In most lustful ways

Stimulating the carnal desires for each other

Desperately and passionately

On each and every part of your seductive skin

Provocating me each and every second

In and out of your presence.