She is the One: Epitome of Perfection 

She isn’t a normal human being or an usual soul felt who relies on subjective books or mathematical formulas. She is a special human being, an extraordinary soul who occupies herself with the worldly wisdom of stars and moon, and honesty and integrity. She isn’t the one who drapes herself with fancy dresses or adorns… Continue reading She is the One: Epitome of Perfection 

La douleur exquise (The exquisite pain) 

La douleur exquise (n): The heart wrenching pain of wanting affection of someone unattainable  Your memories still linger here and there,  In the characters of my books I found you  In the lyrics of songs I loved  And your honey essence on my skin  And suddenly you disappeared from the sight  And left me yearning… Continue reading La douleur exquise (The exquisite pain)