I think days and nights,  And keep on building castles in air.  Days come, nights disappear  The thoughts remain unchanged,  That you’d appear someday  And tell me “you’re mine”.  -SHREYA 

Short Story 6

His words out of exasperation struck her like an arrow.  Her tears in dolor flooded his heart like gushing rain  He made her smile within seconds effortlessly.  And again they were together,  Desperately. Passionately.  To read the story posted previously, you can find the links below: Short Story Short Story 2 Short Story 3 Short… Continue reading Short Story 6


He discovered such “good” sides in her, it gets difficult for her to bear her own “badness”. Love heals it all.


​ There she sits quietly in the nature’s lap Under the shadow of silver orb which she thinks who determined her fate Looking back the hard knocks she held in her life The heart which is no more fragile The soul which has turned barren.