Moon like Shine

And darling,  I can write infinite poetry on you and your moon like shine that penetrates into my eyes as I stare you with those silent eyes yearning for you more. And trust me, that shine makes me look more beautiful and angelic indeed. -SHREYA  Have you ever felt such deep connection with someone when […]

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Dwelling in the dead silence of night, my mind hovered to the endless vastness of sky; calm and still. Stars- white and milky bright, twinkling with the ardor seem to be whispering secrets with each other. Right above there, I see a coruscant galaxy forming different shapes, conical and elliptical. Fragile petals, flowers blossoming all […]

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Nepenthe (n) : Something that makes you forget grief or suffering.  A flock of starlings  chirped words of sweetness  And my heart was astir in seconds  The griefs and sorrows carved in  pieces of my heart dissolved in nothing  How congenial are these beautiful winged-creatures  That heals my soul as nepenthe  And same the stars […]

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Oh! That she is me! ❤️😇 Follow me on Instagram @sharmashreya020  

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Maybe Moon! 

Maybe I don’t belong here in this space. Maybe moon is waiting for me  there up to accompany him,  Despite all the stars surrounding him.  -SHREYA 

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