Nepenthe (n) : Something that makes you forget grief or suffering. 

A flock of starlings 

chirped words of sweetness 

And my heart was astir in seconds 

The griefs and sorrows carved in 

pieces of my heart dissolved in nothing 

How congenial are these beautiful winged-creatures 

That heals my soul as nepenthe 

And same the stars do in nights 

Shadow my darkness by starlight 

Making heart forget all the pains 

And resurrecting my soul 


50 Word Story: Astral Intimacy

The night was bitter cold. The opacus clouds hid the Moon in its elusive shadow. The silver light orb of love brimming to its top; called up the stars to uncover it. The stars aligned themselves to form a string of starlight outlining the moon. How mesmeric their intimacy was.