I am a flower

I am a sun kissed flower,warm and fragileflawlessly stitched array of yellow petalsgiving out hopes,slender waist sliding downhundreds of nodes arisingand forming an invigorating curveloved, exulted and appreciatedand blessed to possess all that I have and I am.I might be showered to adorn the holy temples,bloom the triumphant kids,foregathered to form a grandiloquent entranceof a… Continue reading I am a flower


Eccedentesiast (n) : Someone who hides pain behind a smile.  Her smile  Like morning sunshine  And blush rose  Showers rain of happiness  And hope of revival  Yet her eyes speak  The pain and suffering  That she has been  Wordlessly engraving in it  Since ages.  -SHREYA 

Sunshine Blogger Award

Good morning People! 🙂 Hope you all are fine.Yesterday, a fellow blogger Glamorous Etoiles nominated me for “Sunshine Blogger Award”. Thank you so much sweetheart. ❤ I would recommend you all to visit her blog for sure. The lady has such a Beauty blog which resembles her too in beauty. 🙂 Well, to be honest, It’s the… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award