Beware Of Monsters

Reading the title of my blog, you must be assuming this article to be something related to monsters or demons; those who scare us in nightmares. But here I’m talking about real monsters of our lives not those abstract ones. Those who enter our lives to create problems for us. Those people who can reach… Continue reading Beware Of Monsters

Time and Life! 

Time changes. People change. That’s what I have seen and read everywhere. But is it really so? Do people change? Or the alacrity of time enforces both parties to behave according to the circumstances. Situation keeps on changing. I wonder what should I conclude, whether it’s the beauty or  harshness of flowing TIME.  We never… Continue reading Time and Life! 

Just A Thought #2

In this gushing world of hustle-bustle, I am just swaying along the flow And scared a bit to justify my identity. The crowd, the turmoil hastens Challenging every moment, every second. New day, new faces, Too much unfamiliarity. Ruminating around I ask myself, “Is this the life I’m struggling for?” -Shreya