The Sun, Moon and Life

The sun glows with flashy spiralsonto my dewy face and embraced neckA countenance in question. Of withering roots in charred dark, and glazing sunflowers in scintillating light. The darkness may startle one while it lights up the fluttering fireflies in twilight. The cold air must freeze itself to form the frigid snow. This humongous sun… Continue reading The Sun, Moon and Life

An epiphany

The loneliness eats me in turns during the vividness of dawn, And the midnight blackness comforts me in its warm blanket of soft bruises. You my heart- I tell you is a  wild wild thing, of blue rains and tornadoes, butterflies and hurricanes, & I am a sweet, soft caterpillar growing her wings. Beneath the… Continue reading An epiphany

The Night.

The beauteous dark sky, This stillness, And the passel of thoughts to explore. This is the night, Sadness landing over the head. The strange sounds hovering around, Amalgam of joys and sorrows drown. This is the night, Quilt of stars still awake. Here comes a wind breeze, Pretending to accompany my lonesomeness. Oh night; tell… Continue reading The Night.

I wish I were a Mermaid 

This is something which I left half written ages back. And then I finally came across it today and decided to complete this kiddo type of poem. Oh it’s love. Ain’t it? Fantasies! Sometimes it feels nice to come out of the real world and start some daydreaming! 🐟🐋😍 I wish I were a mermaid… Continue reading I wish I were a Mermaid