Love for words

If I could make love with words, I would perhaps blush all night and count the moments on my fingertips, letter by letter and word by word fading myself as a wax of a lit candle in a blue night,Befounded, consumed, at peace… -Shreya Sharma

The Night.

The beauteous dark sky, This stillness, And the passel of thoughts to explore. This is the night, Sadness landing over the head. The strange sounds hovering around, Amalgam of joys and sorrows drown. This is the night, Quilt of stars still awake. Here comes a wind breeze, Pretending to accompany my lonesomeness. Oh night; tell… Continue reading The Night.

Cyranosis (His words) 

Cyranosis: The state of one falling in love with another’s words. Transatlantic challenge hosted by @what_the_canuck and @honour.speaks on Instagram to write on a word prompt #cyranosis. Here is my take His love His whispers His caresses But his words…  His genuineness  His benevolence  His gallantry But his words…  His words take me in a world of pleasure  His words give… Continue reading Cyranosis (His words) 

Screaming Words

You left me excruciating in pain,  But your poetry didn’t.  You words still scream of my love,  My memories, my presence.  -SHREYA  Artwork by: Garima Verma (one of my friends)  PS:  This is the 200th post I made which I just got the notification from WordPress. And I am very elated to know that. I’ll complete a… Continue reading Screaming Words


There is a word which I came to know from a facebook page, “Abibliophobia” which means, the fear of running out of reading material. Being a bibliophile (a lover of books) and so a literature lover, it gets hard for me to believe on such words if they exist. 😝 Few days ago, I got… Continue reading Abibliophobia