What Year 2016 Offered Me

​Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are doing fine. ☺

Finally it’s 16 December and year 2016 is about to end. This year has been challenging to me as it gave me some life-changing experiences, both good and bad. I met some great people who are my best friends today. I lost some people too (though that’s for good, they didn’t deserve me). 

Are you all excited for Christmas? I can see different posts from my fellow-bloggers and people’s new year resolutions. Talking about resolutions, I don’t have any particular. I’d just love to do better in every field and be a better person.

Here are some things which I learnt this year and I would like to highlight all of them, though some of them are really silly to talk about. 

1. I met a great number of new people this year, out of my own circle through various sources; some of them from blogging sphere. This is this year that made me feel meeting and knowing people feels awesome. ☺

2. Writing is life. The year strengthened this fact in my heart. It runs in veins and now it’s almost impossible to not to write. ✒

3. I peeped into my inner demons that are acting as hurdles to the beauty of my own self. I firmly need to cast it off away. And I know, I’ll get rid of such negative factors. 😇

4. I have read a lot this year. Reading books was always been an unputdownable task for me but this year, it really turned out to be a drug. 📚

5. I learnt every relationship does not last forever. And each of them teaches you something to be wiser onwards. People will come, people will go, but there will be few which will stay by your side forever. 😍

6. Some monster needs to be thrown out. If someone/something is bothering your life and you’re getting nothing out of them, you need to tell them, “Get Lost”, without thinking anymore. Sometimes, being callous is good for ourselves. 😠😎

7. Maths is my enemy. I can’t handle. Though I’ve been managing it since years anyhow, but now I actually realize; as a subject, it’s not my thing. I’m better with alphabets than numbers. 😂

8. I can literally survive on Biscuits and kurkure whole day. At times, I really fed myself such things when I stayed out of my home. Learnt this year, mom’s food is the best. ❤

9. You can’t take anyone granted in this world, of course except Parents. They are love. Though you shouldn’t take them granted, you’re blessed to have them. None in the world can love you more than your parents. ❤

10. Great people do exist. World is full of satanic souls, but there does angels exist too. Glad to tell you, I met some angels this year; my sunshines. 😍

11. Travelling is fun and unforgettable if done with right set of peolple. You won’t just roam around, but would be creating memories, to be cherished forever. 😍😇

12. I’m really obsessed with movies- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani & Tamasha. I can’t help myself watching these movies numerous times. Maybe I’m mad about Ranbir Kapoor. That’s why! 🙈

13. I have always been a crazy lover of Priyanka Chopra. A PC-Maniac. Realized this year-Dare anyone say something about her, I can kick his nose. Haha! :mrgreen: She is my favorite, my love, my inspiration. ❤

14. Being 20 year old, I’m still a Santa Claus believer. I do wait for Santa gifts as I used to do in my childhood and got toffees and chocolates under my pillow cover. I know, I’m gonna wait for it this year too. ;)🙈

15. I figured out my worst enemy. Anger. It effaces all my good qualities in a second and is harmful enough to kill me. I really need to work on Anger controlling techniques effectualy. 🌟

16. This one is quite frivolous. But it just struck my mind. One shouldn’t date a celeb. Man, he is everyone’s favorite. 😄

17. Sometimes, we put our best efforts. And we are tired of running and loosing. But I learnt, no matter how much you chase, everything is destined to happen at a particular time. So our task is to just work with diligence and rest leave it to God. Things eventually fall in places. And every good work will pay you off now or in future.☺

18. I can kill someone if it bothers me. At times, nothing matters to me. Goodness leaves my path and then all I have is cruelty to offer. I don’t care then. 😯😎

Hope I didn’t bore anyone. Share your things what you learnt this year. I’ll love to know from my dear friends. And I wish all of you have a great Christmas! :)❤

Spread Love and Happiness! 😍

Keep Smiling! 🙂

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. A long time ago now I was told what good anger was and what bad anger was. Good anger is you tell someone why you are mad at them, and then let the anger go. Bad anger is the kind you hang onto as if it’s precious for months or years.

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  2. shreya, this was something well written to end my day. I can relate many of the mentioned points to my own experience during this year and not explaining further I would say that I really loved this stuff ❤ 🙂 Experiences pave the way to better life :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! I’m so glad to be appreciated by you, Ratika. Felt nice to know you could relate to my points. 😍😍
      And yes, experiences are the lessons to step towards betterment.
      Thank you so much. Keep visiting. 😇😍❤

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    1. Han so that I may not add more points to it. 😇😂😂😂😂
      And it’s just 15 days na.. Pta b nhi chlega
      Parso apun ka SNAP exam fir 2-3 din exam k result ka sochenge, fir esehi christmas ajayega fir to year khatm 😂😂😂

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