What do you prefer? 

Some times, it’s better to be silent in some situations where opening up may be eventually harmful if we consider consequences in mind. But is it so easy? While  you are an opinionated person and you can’t just see things and sit. When you are a great observer and you like to express opinions. But that could hurt  other  person’s pride and sentiments. 

What do you prefer? Remaining silent to maintain  the calmness of a relationship or expressing up to stick to your point, though putting relationship at stake? 


65 thoughts on “What do you prefer? 

  1. In my opinion I think both.just we have to see the correct .. Ignoring yur self respect and loving the other person is actually Weird and shouting yur point of view only without understanding the other one is also weird I think both should understand each other so I thinkk at sometimes remaining silent is gud but sometimes if it’s hectic for you to take so I think one should shout their kind out BT that too calmly 😃

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      1. Ya it actually depends on the situation . No one can choose one.. if silence is solving problem at that time so be silent when his/her minds clam down u can explain him ..BT don’t hide so called feelings!!

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  2. For me it also depends. Not just on the other person in the relationship or how strong the relationship is but the situation too. I’m one of those people that can let a lot build up before I can’t take it anymore and just…explode. Which isn’t good either. Silence can also speak a thousand words. But some situations are more easier to keep quiet about than others. Or like someone else said, let things cool down first. Because you don’t want to say or do anything you regret based on that temporary feeling.

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    1. I understand your concern. We can’t set an idealistic approach to something because situations have variations. And yes, silence is a powerful tool that does also make a great difference.
      Though, it’s not easy to keep mouth shut for aggressive people like me. 🙈😐

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      1. lol I understand too, the world needs both kinds Of people I believe. If it’s not physical ofc. then maybe that’s just how some need to release their anger, some people are just more tolerant of things than others.

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  3. You have asked a very good question, Shreya!
    And the answer will be, “It Depends!”
    I am an experimenter. And I have analyzed that it depends on the person who is on the other side of the argument!
    If he is the one who is a good listener, I do prefer to discuss the situation and resolve it, which I am good at!
    Or if he is not a good listener and will deteriorate the discussion further, I have started keeping my mind shut and let the time resolve the issue!

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      1. Hey, there are always exceptions, and you will have to deal with them accordingly!
        Analyse your surrounding, then react! You need to understand the person you are dealing with, and trust me, you are better off from a person you like if he/she is not understanding at all…or, you will keep writing on the blog 😉

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