After Life

A drizzle from the clouds awakens a sunny weather, a beautiful aftermath of different shades of sky. A minute seed blooms into a floriferous bliss, turning my garden into a land of angels and flies. A caterpillar undergoes a process of metamorphosisto come out as a butterfly. What do you name it as, A complete… Continue reading After Life

An epiphany

The loneliness eats me in turns during the vividness of dawn, And the midnight blackness comforts me in its warm blanket of soft bruises. You my heart- I tell you is a  wild wild thing, of blue rains and tornadoes, butterflies and hurricanes, & I am a sweet, soft caterpillar growing her wings. Beneath the… Continue reading An epiphany

Unwritten Stories

there is a lot to be writtenbut my stories fall short of wordshappiness. sadness.success. failures.all of it.the nerves in my skinbleed the poetry and rhymes insideswallowing up all the love dugbeneath the abyss.abyss of my neuron world.these daysthe gentle breeze afloats touching my skinand carries along the myriad wishesemanating inside my heart.the wishes. praying for… Continue reading Unwritten Stories

What do you prefer? 

Some times, it’s better to be silent in some situations where opening up may be eventually harmful if we consider consequences in mind. But is it so easy? While  you are an opinionated person and you can’t just see things and sit. When you are a great observer and you like to express opinions. But… Continue reading What do you prefer? 


Irony is We all know eventually the death will come, Yet we are so excited to live. We can neither deny it, Nor stop it. Death follows us, Throughout the life. And one day, Ends up everything. Irony is We go ballistic for every single thing. Though we know, These birds, sun, plants, lands mountains,… Continue reading Irony!

Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 

I sat on the wooden swing chair in my balcony befuddled, discombobulated. Isolated from the world in my own company. Though, in search of my own self rummaging about things and circumstances. The lustrous bliss of sun was about to set hence, giving the way to lose its identity to the diamond shine moon. What… Continue reading Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 

Sunday Thoughts

1. Why does everyone walk away once the time has gone so far and everything becomes so difficult to bear? Things are so beautiful in the start but then all of a sudden, the bed of roses is just left with the thorns. Everything becomes so mournful and things eventually come to a whimsical end. … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts