She is the One: Epitome of Perfection 

She isn’t a normal human being or an usual soul felt who relies on subjective books or mathematical formulas. She is a special human being, an extraordinary soul who occupies herself with the worldly wisdom of stars and moon, and honesty and integrity. She isn’t the one who drapes herself with fancy dresses or adorns herself with golds jewels and diamonds. She is the one who wears wildflowers on her bare body and rose petals on her soul. It’s superficial for her to wear sophistication on her face, in fact she wears sunflower shine on her roseate lips and sets her head straight towards the destination. She isn’t a flower. She is a raw stone. She is ice one second, other second the fire. She forms each and every minutiae of the perpetual ambience and makes everything hers and the eternity admires her existence. She surpasses the pulchritude of oyesters’ pearls and indecipherable depth of blue oceans. Mother nature takes her in its lap and immeasurable cosmos up the skies shower her their love. She is the one who bathes in silver glitter and appears as moonshine such that the silver of Moon gazes and flabbergast over her coruscant reflection. She is the one who challenges the scintillating gleam of Sun. Being an independent damsel, she carries indomitable willpower in her heart and audacity in her actions. That’s how she is, perfect yet flawed with her imperfections. She is indeed quintessence of originality, devoid of any fabrication. 

Shreya ❤️

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Your words are powerful, Shreya. This passage is so profound! “She isn’t a flower. She is a raw stone.” Oh my! This line! Thank you for sharing such a great oeuvre. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Hey, i loved this! And take care of yourself, for you’re beautiful! Don’t think otherwise, for you, Shreya, are beautiful, just the way you’re. So, smile, for you’re the sunset, that adorns the sky! 🙂

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  3. Wowwww! This is sooo enchanting! Any mention of nature and ocean and flowers takes my heart away. And you always write about nature huh. 😻

    “She is the one who wears wildflowers on her bare body”, I lovvve this line. 💙 These lines also remind me of ‘Brida’, relating to cosmos and magical stuff, hainaa? And the picture reminds me of Narnia, I don’t know why. 🤔 Also, “She is fire and ice!” Ye toh Shreya hi hai obviously. So, I can find various girls in this poem. 😹😹

    I sooo admire your way of expressing things. There are such lovely phrases here, “She bathes in silver glitter”, how do you imagine these things? I am in awe. And I was waiting for the mention of Moon somewhere, and there it is! 😹❤❤ This is seriously the best thing I’ve read in so long. And, no other people’s posts improve my vocabulary like yours. So shukriyaaa too. 🤗❤

    I want to read more such cute things please. Aur likhhho!! And keep shining like the Moon haan. 🌛

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