Nature: The Healer (Fiction) 

I sat on the wooden swing chair in my balcony befuddled, discombobulated. Isolated from the world in my own company. Though, in search of my own self rummaging about things and circumstances. The lustrous bliss of sun was about to set hence, giving the way to lose its identity to the diamond shine moon. What a competent level of their relationship, I wondered. Suddenly, the wind breeze started swaying mildly and leaves rustling. It seemed for once, as if the elements of nature were occupied in a perfect conversation among themselves, gently and silently. I eavesdropped to their silent quirks and heart-to-heart chitchat. Amazed by this pleasing ambiance, I explored for my actuality in tranquility of air and soothing symphony produced by unfolded leaves. The advent of the night and its darkness touched my heart, my soul and met the waves of my crestfallen heart. My dejected heart. The darkness prevailed and the stillness accompanied me. It communicated with my melancholy. It sat with my somberness. And provided me the easy and the cure. The absolute healing I required in my blues. It was then my heart glinted out of all despondency and looked into certainty. There I found quietude. There I found solace. 

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


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