The Last Poetry I ever Write for You

The very last poetry I ever write
For you.
Would speak of the rainbows
we chased together
And the rains
we washed our sorrows
The nights
We shed tears together
And the morning
We lay awake sun gazing
And the nights moon gazing
And again the mornings
Efflorescing love
Would speak of the evenings
We endured nature
The petrichor before rain
And the thunder before the storm
And the songs we cheered
The endless dates
With a couple of roses you appeared
And the indecipherable moments we shared
The college days we passed chuckling
And catching each other’s eyes
Sharp smiles
Catchy looks
Holding hands
Posing for picture perfect
Would speak of my favorite books
I gave you to read, Agatha Christie’s
And the authors I talked about
The protagonists I adored and told you
Mr. Darcy
Allie and Noah
Jane Eyre
Kashaf and Zaroon
Did I ever talk, do you remember?
Oh love, I reconfirm if you reminisce us
Would speak of the coruscant galaxy
And the endless sky
That shadowed towards our happiness
And hopes and togetherness
I wonder, writing the last poetry for you
And I regret I couldn’t tell our story anymore!
But darling, it’s our love only that still resides in my heart
And despite, I couldn’t tell our story anymore!
Because I never knew our “forever” just meant 2 years minus twenty two days.. Not anymore!


By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. 6.23.19 “The very last poetry…” is a beautiful and youthful reflection upon what was and into what is in this moment :here: The flower petals as sturdy and as finite upon the fingers in reciprocity for what the fingers sense of this luxuriant Now, being as Now. It is fleeting. It is relatable. It is poetry of things felt. I relate as such because I stood out under the very big tulip maple, looking into and upon the nearing shape shifting cloudscape, this scene, this extended Now-as in perfect display, not dramatically, not at all peaceful, yet working the lightening in widespread flashes of silent Nature’s own EDM. Seeing I was mistakenly positioned under a tree, I stepped out into the easement woods and allowed the absence of passive observer and basically threw my thought life upon the quiet, spooky but romantic sky. Loved it. I was transfixed for a good hour until it reached my home and woods.

    The condensed version of my relatable experience in much similar circumstances is that “yes! I agree”. Romance as something slowly building rather than Boom! Crash! passions contains a dynamic once felt and lived becomes a pinnacle moment. Thank you! I drifted right along with you and hope by the touch of the mighty Muse of Poetry that all others felt as did you in this poem. Well done! I look forward to riding along with you as your poetry progresses along that fantastic, fuzzy, sometimes “screaming across the sky” but all the while contained by a sense of wonder and of the Romantic. Dig. Hope. Peace. Love. LT.

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